Girl Power of Central Florida is designed to empower/support (female) youth in Central Florida, teaching them about self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence.


In March 2013 Latisha's daughter (five years of age at the time) came home from daycare upset, because the other children were teasing her about the texture of her hair - referring to her hair as "nappy". After the incident occurred, her daughter was having a difficult time accepting the texture of her hair and requested on numerous occasions for her hair to be straightened. Initially, Latisha was hesitant about straightening her daughter's hair, after researching available kid-friendly straightening options, she took her daughter to a local Hair Salon for a Keratin Treatment. After a few weeks of the treatment her daughter's hair began to revert back to its natural (curly) state. Latisha took this as an opportunity to share with her daughter how amazing, resilient and fabulous the texture of her hair is. Her daughter was finally able to embrace her hair and now requests "Minnie Mouse Ears" as she affectionately likes to refer to her curly signature puffs.


Girl Power of Central Florida (formerly known as Girl Power Back to School Bash) was established by Latisha Horton, Owner and Creative Professional of Eccentric Designs in April 2013. After the teasing incident, she realized at the tender age of five her daughter was already facing issues with self-esteem and confidence. She then wondered how many more little girls were experiencing similar issues, her gears began to roll and the idea of the Summer Bash was born. In the early developmental stages of the Summer Bash Latisha began to realize that she may be on to something; however, she did not have the man power to carry out the idea and bring it to fruition on her own. She then connected with the Pastor of her church (Bishop Bobby Banks, Sr. of Bible Church of God - Lake Wales) for guidance and mentorship with bringing her vision to life. Currently, Girl Power of Central Florida is a program provided under Bible Church of God - Lake Wales through the youth ministry.


Girl Power of Central Florida program is designed to provide young girls ages 6-17 years old with support and to empower the young girls, teaching them about self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence. The program goal is to provide a positive environment for the young girls that allows them to express their own uniqueness (being true to themselves), understand and respect diverse individual differences, and help the girls realize their personal “power” to make courageous responsible choices and stand by their choices with confidence and dignity.

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